October NJMP Recap

Following our second event at New Jersey Motorsport Park it was quite a whirlwind of non-track related actual work. It's always a bit harder to come back from an event to get back into the office. Once again we lucked out with the weather and had a perfect day. Everyone had a great time on track, with over 2 hours of track time for each run group plus a few classes for each HPDE student group let by Pete Tremper from NJMP. By the time I was able to take a very few pictures, it was late in the day. Our fifth session was quite empty with just two cars on track at the end. Since I was one of the two, I can happily report it was quite an interesting and relaxing experience being out on a track by yourself. Turn 1 though during a sun set results in driving right into the sun. This makes the blind track out even more exciting when at the crest you still can't see the exit until you start descending the hill. It was quite interesting to say the least! Next season we will be back with a few more events. Please register on Motorsportreg.com and add LTW as one of your clubs to be added to our mailing list as well as follow us on Facebook or this website.

Special thank you to our event sponsors, Performance Garage Club and William Thomas Roadsters.























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