Announcing the launch of LTW

Hear the roar of the engine as you start it up for the first time. Cinching down on your harness straps, you begin to smile as you head out into the pit lane. Now for the intolerable wait. You check all of your gauges and mirrors in a futile attempt to pass time. Your heart beats just a little bit faster now as you see the track opening before you. You remind yourself to take it easy as the tires are still cold, and the engine is just warming up. You want to go faster! You can feel it in your hands, in your feet and in your ears as you accelerate through the first few corners, the engine screaming towards the redline. "Oh wow!" is the only thought you can muster as you climb through the corners - nimbly feeling each curb as you and your lightweight scalpel carve the perfect line. This is why you bought it! This is heaven!



  For too long, drivers who share a passion for lightweight cars have been somewhat dispersed, with no true group to call their own. We've all been there: driving in another marque's club surrounded by heavier and higher horsepower cars. You catch them in the corners only to be frustrated as they pull away on the straights. Are you tired of being only one of a few lightweight cars at any given track event? Well, those days are now behind you because LTW Motorsports has created something with you in mind! We are extremely proud to announce a new home for owners of lightweight cars: LTW Motorsports. We offer drivers of lightweight sports cars an opportunity to get together at our dedicated events and have some fun on track...together! This is an environment structured for cars and their owners who simply "get" the lightweight formula.


LTW = Lightweight

LTW Motorsports was created by two track enthusiasts, Greg Miceli and Bill Thomas. Their singular goal is to focus on providing high quality track events for owners of lightweight sports cars. What we classify as "lightweight" is a car that weighs less than 3,000 lbs. Since our focus is on performance through light weight (?), we welcome cars that have less than 350 hp as well. Owners of sports car brands such as Ariel, BAC, Caterham, Lola, Lotus, , Radical, Rossion, Toniq,Westfield are our target group. This is not to suggest that owners of other marques are not welcome to attend our events: we simply want to reinforce the lightweight concept.

Greg is in his 10th year of driving on track and is an experienced instructor for the Audi Club North America, NASA Northeast, SCDA and the Schattenbaum chapter of the Porsche Club of America. He has also managed highly successful HPDE events for over 5 years. Through his years of experience running multi-million dollar projects for a major telecommunications provider, Greg brings to LTW Motorsports a professional and knowledgeable skill set of event management. Greg currently enjoys driving his track-prepped Lotus Elise.


Bill, a dyed-in-the-wool British sports car enthusiast, has over 20 years of racing experience and is currently a driving instructor with NASA Northeast and the Northeast Audi Club. Bill is also the owner and operator of William Thomas Roadsters, LLC, specializing in classic and modern British sports cars such as Lotus, Caterham, Superperformance, ERA Cobra, and Rossion/Noble to name a few. He is also co-owner of Performance Garage Club, LLC. His experience running these two companies ties directly into the support of lightweight sports cars and their owners. Bill actively tracks his Lotus Exige 255 Cup.

Services we offer


LTW offers premium quality High Performance Driving Events, Time Trials and, in the near future, wheel-to-wheel racing. We operate out of New Jersey and will be hosting events at the Northeast's best tracks. LTW Motorsports provides everything you will need to get you and your lightweight car on track. Our services include technical inspections, performance enhancements, track preparation, as well as storage options for your vehicle.

Stay in touch

Visit us at [url][/url] to find out more, or like us on Facebook at: LTW Motorsports. Please stay connected with us as we will soon be announcing our 2013 schedule of events., Please reach out to Greg at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any specific questions you may have.

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